Critical Pedagogy

Paulo Freire’s vision for education is certainly compelling. Freire writes that too many teachers try to put themselves on a pedestal of invincibility from which they gaze arrogantly down on students. Many teachers assume that their job is to pass down information to students in a purely replicatory, rather than critical way. In this view,Continue reading “Critical Pedagogy”

Digital Pedagogy

I was interested in John Warner’s article in Inside Higher Ed which argues that instructors should not ban laptops in the classroom because learning how to deal with distractions from technology is an important skill that students need to learn, one way or another. Perhaps it is counterintuitive to posit that learning how to dealContinue reading “Digital Pedagogy”

Case-Based Pedagogy

While I believe that Case-Based or Problem-Based learning can be a valuable way to engage students in the classroom, it also seems that there are some challenges that instructors must be prepared to navigate if they intend to implement this learning style. My initial reaction to some of the readings was to wonder how peopleContinue reading “Case-Based Pedagogy”

Inclusive Pedagogy

I was quite interested in the idea introduced by Arao and Clemens that instructors should move from “safe spaces” to “brave spaces.” Of course, this type of terminology has a specific usage that points to student affairs programming contexts. However, I do believe that the conversation around safety and controversy is relevant to the typesContinue reading “Inclusive Pedagogy”

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